Choose the right answers, and then press "Check".
  1. Paul's on a diet – he has to give up all foods for a month.
  2. When I opened the fridge, I realised the milk had gone .
  3. The meat that the local supermarket sells is often .
  4. I always buy yellow lemons because I know they are .
  5. I like curry, as long as it tastes quite .
  6. The last apple in the bowl had to be thrown away because it was .
  7. The coffee in the café was a bit for my taste, with too much milk in it.
  8. When I opened the pack of meat, I realised from the smell that it had gone .
  9. This tastes like - I much prefer soup that is freshly made.
  10. The smell outside this building is overwhelming–like eggs.
  11. The steak was and the peas were like bullets.